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On Episode Two of United States of Sports, your host, Jinx Grand, takes you around the world of sports with the people that know their city best. He is joined by educated guests to talk about Chicago sports, New York sports, Philadelphia sports, the NHL playoffs, 2014 hockey Olympics, and NFL training camps. Jinx covers it all!!

Joining Jinx to begin the show is Chris Shanafelt, host of SportsManRadio. Being a Chicago native, Chris gives the pulse around Chi-town as the Bulls attempt to win their series against the Miami Heat. How big of a loss is Luol Deng for Chicago? Should Derrick Rose attempt a comeback? How does Chris, a Bulls fan, expect the series to pan out? He gives his take and more.

Then, Emily Gruver of Section215.com and SportsWith3.com joins Jinx to discuss the misfortunate situation with Roy Halladay and the Philadelphia Phillies now-depleted pitching staff. Who fills in the gap now that Halladay is expected to miss the remainder of the season? Will it be Cliff Lee? Emily gives her opinions.

Following Emily, Jinx has on Matthew Vereb, the owner of NewYorkStateofSports.com. Matthew chimes in on the New York Knicks-Indiana Pacers series, and whether or not there is a legitimate chance we can see the Knicks lose the series. How will Amar’e Stoudemire fit into the enigma? Is there a practical reason for J.R. Smith’s shooting woes? Matthew and Jinx discuss.

Hockey gets placed in the discussion as well when Raj Vaidya joins the show to discuss the USA’s 2014 Olympic team and Chris Wassel gives his two cents on the entire NHL playoffs. How good can USA’s Olympic team be? What would Raj’s roster constitute of? Chris also comments on some of the more prominent NHL playoff series. What do the Rangers have to do to come back in their series with the Washington Capitals? Is there a definition for why the Canucks got bounced out of the playoffs, again?!

Lastly, Christian Hardy, columnist for FantasySports.com, joins Jinx for the final half hour to discuss practically everything as it pertains to the NFL rookie camps opening back up. Where does he rank Geno Smith among the NY Jets’ depth chart? What does Christian (a Cowboys fan) think will occur in 2013 for “America’s Team”? When will guys like Charles Woodson and Dwight Freeny be signed by NFL teams? Christian comments on all that and more.

Tune in to Episode Three next Friday! Follow @JinxGrand to stay updated with the time.

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