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Today on JGSportsTalk from 5:30-6:30 pm ET, host Jinx Grand discusses Game One of the Bulls-Heat series and how big of a problem Chicago possesses to Miami. Will the Heat be able to find ways to counteract the Bulls’ stifling defense? Jinx answers that question. And, as the Knicks prepare to play the Pacers in Game Two of their Eastern Conference semi-final series, Jinx dives into the x’s and o’s as far as what the Knicks have to do to beat Indiana. Is this a must win game for the Knicks?

Jinx also gives his take on the NHL playoffs so far, including a key win by the New York Rangers over the Washington Capitals and a big game for the Islanders tonight against the Penguins.

Tune in, starting at 5:30 pm EST, via ustre.am/Fn0l. Follow us on Twitter: @JGSportsTalk and @EmilyGruver3.

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