Sports Podiatrist, Kaepernick Extension, Belmont Stakes Pros and Cons: JGST Live 6/6

By / June 7, 2014 / nfl, podcast, show recap

It’s the latest edition of JG Sports Talk with your host Amiri Tulloch!

On today’s show, Amiri opens things by featuring an interview with sports podiatrist, and radio host Robert Weil. Dr. Weil’s show, Sports Doctor Radio, airs Wednesdays from 3-4 pm CST at Dr. Weil discuss the ramifications of LeBron James’ cramping, what cramping actually means and what the effects really are, whether the Heat superstar made the right decision by not playing, and more.

Next, Amiri goes to horse racing and the Belmont Stakes, including a discussion on the positives and negatives of a triple crown opportunity for California Chrome.

Then, Shawn Stewart of The Shawn Stewart Show joins the program to give his thoughts on the first game of the Miami-San Antonio series, giving us his take on the one thing Miami needs to improve on to win Game 2.

Next, Amiri plays several audio clips after Game 1 of the Heat-Spurs series, and gives his thoughts on why San Antonio’s performance is going undervalued. Plus, he tackles the A/C question concerning the Spurs’ arena.

Finally, Amiri rounds up the show discussing Colin Kaepernick’s contract extension and why he’s a little cautious about the money Kaepernick is getting. Plus, what does this deal mean for the other mobile NFL quarterbacks? Amiri explains.


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