Reaction to 49ers’ Releasing of Aldon Smith: JGST 8/8

By / August 8, 2015 / analysis, Highlights, nfl, podcast

It’s the latest edition of JG Sports Talk with your host Amiri Tulloch!

On today’s edition of the podcast, Amiri takes time to give his reaction and perspectives on Aldon Smith’s recent arrest and subsequent release from the San Francisco 49ers.

Amiri explains how the loss adds to the 49ers turbulent offseason; an offseason that has been marked with personnel losses. What has gone wrong for the franchise that made the Super Bowl in 2012, but might not even contend for the postseason in 2015? Amiri attempts to explain.

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Greg Hardy (L), Adrian Peterson (C), and Ray Rice.

Amiri also talks about what second chances mean in the NFL, citing examples of Greg Hardy, Adrian Peterson, and Ray Rice.

Amiri questions why some players have received an opportunity to play again after a scandal (Smith, Hardy, Peterson), but others bouncing back from scandals have been ignored by teams (Rice).

Do NFL teams view second chances and attempts at circumstantial? Amiri entertains the concept.

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