Q&A With Mets’ Outfielder Eric Young Jr.: JGST 5/10

By / May 11, 2014 / interviews, podcast
Eric Young Jr. is the New York Mets’ 28-year-old outfielder, and he gave JG Sports Talk a few minutes in the home team’s dugout before a recent game against the Phillies.

Young looks at the 2014 season overall, and analyzes some of the reasons for the Mets’ collective hitting funk as-of-late.

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Q. Amiri Tulloch: How would you assess the 2014 Mets’ season so far?
A. Eric Young Jr.: Right now, I think, we’re not hitting like we want to, but we’re still close enough in the division that we got a chance to make a run for it. So, as of right now in this point of the season, I think we’re in a good spot because everything’s going to start getting better as the weather heats up.
Q. AT: You mentioned the hitting…How can you explain that (slumping), because it doesn’t seem logical (with the talent in the batting lineup)?
A. EY: I think, it’s been a little cold outside, playing in some bad weather games. So, like I said, as the weather heats up, so will our offense.

Q. AT: Yesterday, you had a marathon game…Does the approach change for you and the other players as you try to prepare for a new game (the next day)?
A. EY: Nope; keep the same approach every day. We do play some extra-inning games throughout the year, so you kind of get used to it. Once the game is over, you assess what you did in that game; make the adjustments…but the next day it’s a new day, you gotta clear your mind and get ready for the new game.

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