National Conference Triumphs in Major League Football All-Star Game

BRIDGEWATER, NEW JERSEY – In an annual showing of the league’s talents, the National Conference triumphed over the American Conference, 25-16, in the Major League Football All-Star game.

Photo credits: Amiri Tulloch
It was a hot, humid day as the teams matched up, and the weather may have seeped into the American Conference’s lackadaisical play. Donning bright red uniforms that contrasted the National’s blue, the American’s offense struggled for all four quarters. Despite scoring the game’s first points on a touchdown from Longhorns’ receiver Rob Wright, the American team was shut out until a quarterback sneak late in the fourth quarter.
After that early score, however, the National team took control. The squad scored three touchdowns, kicked a field goal, and forced a safety, entering the fourth quarter with a commanding, 25-6 lead.The American team’s struggles started at the most important position on the field: quarterback. Somerset Bears and American team coach Lou Morra was forced to undergo in-game roster shuffling, as the team had a quarterback go down – without a backup. Morra “had to scramble to play that position,” which included inserting wide receivers as quarterbacks for several series.

No matter the target, the National’s defensive line consistently pressured the American offense, forcing several poor interceptions and a multitude of broken plays throughout the game.

It was a solid, all-around performance from the team in blue.

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