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By / May 27, 2013 / Other
Today on JG Sports Talk, host Jinx Grand breaks down what happened in last night’s Game Three between the Indiana Pacers and Miami Heat. Is this more like what the 2013 Eastern Conference Finals series will look like? Jinx discusses that, along with Game 4 of Spurs-Grizzlies. Does Memphis have one last fight inside of them?

Plus, he dives into the allegations that Julie Hermann, newly hired AD for Rutgers University, was actually fired from a previous job because of her attitude towards players. How the heck did Rutgers allow this to happen?!

Also, he gives his take on the Yankees-Mets Subway series starting Monday evening and how expect things to shake out between the two NYC teams. Also, will the Blackhawks make a series comeback against the Detroit Red Wings in the NHL postseason?

Tune in, starting at 5:00 pm EST, via Follow us on Twitter: @JGSportsTalk and @EmilyGruver3.

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