Major League Football Players, Coaches and Owners Receive What They Deserve

Overlooking the squatting players resting in a semi-circle, Major League Football CEO Dexter Girven stood behind a table full of trophies and awards. The man in charge was taking care of what he called “old business” – over the next seven or eight minutes, Mr. Girven proceeded to reward some of the league’s best players.“As you guys know,” Mr. Girven began, “we had the Big East Football Federation (BEFF) – that was our league to launch everything we do today – back in 2007, and then, of course, the Big North East Football Federation (BNEFF).”

Then, Mr. Girven handled lingering affairs by handing out several awards to deserving players.2012 BNEFF League MVP NaQuan Jenkins with Amiri Tulloch. (photo credits Tailback Cedric Brown was given the 2012 BEFF League MVP trophy, but chuckled after receiving his trophy, admitting that he thought he “wasn’t going to get it, though.”

Next up was the 2012 BNEFF League MVP, running back NaQuan Jenkins. “Both of these gentlemen had done an unbelievable job, but [NaQuan], every year, just continues to put himself out there – you don’t think he can go any higher,” Mr. Girven praised. “It gives us great pleasure to give you what you earned, [the MVP].”

Mr. Girven then presented a joint All-Star MVP award to linebacker Ainsworth Minott from the American Conference and wide receiver Darnell Rose from the National Conference. Mr. Girven shared his appreciation for both players’ efforts.

“Leadership is never given – it’s earned,” he told Minott and Rose. “Wherever you guys have played at, you’ve constantly given it 100%. … You guys have always walked away [from games] as gentlemen.”

Plaques were also handed out to offensive and defensive MVP’s from the All-Star game, with team coaches announcing picks. On the offensive side, American quarterback T.J. Brown and National counterpart Mike Perrell went home with an award. American defensive back Ryan Petties and National linebacker Perrell acquired commemorations as well.

To wrap up the presentation, Mr. Girven handed a trophy to American Conference and Somerset Bears coach Lou Morra, and gave New Jersey Lions owner Paul Castillo a Champions Award. “Teams like that are needed in a league like this,” Mr. Girven asserted about the Lions.

Amiri Tulloch
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