Interview with Dr. Steven Novicky, Founder of Shockstrip: JGST 5/21

By / May 21, 2014 / interviews, podcast

Dr. Steven Novicky joins JG Sports Talk host Amiri Tulloch! Dr. Novicky is the man behind Shockstrip, a protective padding for helmets that intends to reduce the impact of head-to-head collisions in football and other sports.

Dr. Novicky answers how Shockstrip helps athletes all around the country, gives a scientific breakdown of what Shockstrip does, analyzes how a new patent will help Shockstrip moving forward, and discusses outside interest in his product. Plus, “Doc” explains why it’s important for the youth to begin focusing on safety.

For more information on Shockstrip and where to purchase, visit Also, be sure to follow Dr. Novicky on Twitter, @Shockstrip.

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