Gridiron Moe: A ‘unique’ new mobile game for football fans

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The logo of Gridiron Moe, a new mobile football game coming this NFL season.

The logo of Gridiron Moe, a new mobile football game coming this NFL season.

With the NFL season nearing, fantasy football players are getting ready to choose what system they will use for the season. However, for football fans looking for a different type of enjoyment this year, take a look at the new mobile football game called Gridiron Moe, which is scheduled to launch in September.

JG Sports Talk host Amiri Tulloch recently conducted an email interview with the app’s CEO, Aris Persidis, about the meaning of the app, the goals of the app, and what makes it different from other fantasy football games.

Interview has been edited for clarity.

Q: In a nutshell, what is Gridiron Moe? 

A: Gridiron Moe is new kind of mobile game for football sports fans of all kinds. The fan experiences the fast-paced excitement of choosing and voting the play they think is best – live. They see what others voted, in an actual football game they are watching live on TV.

As mentioned previously, Gridiron Moe is in sync with a live football game on TV. At each down, you can call the offensive and defensive play on your mobile device. ‘Should the defense blitz the quarterback?’ ‘Should the offense go in a pistol or a shotgun formation?’ ‘Don’t take that knee!’ As you and other fans call plays on Gridiron Moe, the more other fans agree with you, and the more points you garner.

The Season Winner receives a very unique prize: They get invited to post their Super Bowl prediction and post-game review on the Gridiron Moe website.

In other words, we are looking for America’s next armchair coach!

What was the reason for creating Gridiron Moe?

We were watching the Super Bowl last season. Like other families, during every down, we would discuss (rather loudly) what we thought should happen next. We were all being armchair coaches! Nothing too fancy, just the basic formations and plays.

We totally loved how our family was getting together – watching football together – having fun and even learning about the plays we heard on TV from the sportscasters.

Like many other fans, we are not football experts; we just love the game.

It occurred to us that we could turn our (noisy) behavior and fun into an actual mobile game for all fans. We could share the fun we were having, no matter how much (or little) we all knew about football.

In your introductory email to JGST, you mentioned Gridiron Moe is “not another fantasy football-type game.” What separates Gridiron Moe from that genre?

Fantasy football games, and also general manager simulation games, require a lot of time, effort, and expertise. They are a lot of fun, but you really need to know about football at a pretty deep level. The time needed is significant.

But what if you are not such an expert, or you don’t have time to invest in such a game?

We created Gridiron Moe to bring a different experience to sports fans of all levels of expertise. It is unique to play a mobile app that is synchronized with a live football game. There is no extra time investment needed. You pick the plays from the basic Gridiron Moe playbook, listed right there on the app. You get more points if you guess what everybody is thinking should happen, or if the fans agree with you!

You get to play coach – live – from your mobile device, sitting on your couch! This is a totally different real-time action experience.

Gridiron Moe is the first game to connect a live sporting event with a live fan vote, and this anecdote makes the game stand out. It is based on the scientific approach known as Wisdom of the Crowds, except here we think of it as the Wisdom of the Fans. That approach is collecting and considering the aggregate view or opinion of a group of individuals to answer a question, rather than having a single or a few experts answer the question. This approach became famous with the best-selling 2004 book, “Wisdom of Crowds,” by James Surowiecki. With Gridiron Moe, the question is, ‘What play should be called next?’ The opinion of all the Gridiron Moe fans count! Team coaches should listen, and with Gridiron Moe, they can.

Who is your target audience for Gridiron Moe? Who are you trying to reach?

NFL fans of all kinds – no matter their expertise in football – are ones that would have a lot of fun with Gridiron Moe. Fantasy football players can play a different type of game while waiting for their fantasy league teams to re-calibrate. Families can come together to watch, play, learn, and have fun together. Friends can come together and have a Gridiron Moe night!

The app is good for sports taverns; high school and college football teams can have fun. It’s also a new way to have fun if you are watching a game by yourself.

Finally, we would love for coaches on the sidelines to be using Gridiron Moe as another input for their decisions on the field. The Wisdom of the Fan should not be underestimated.

What are your goals for Gridiron Moe in 2014 and the future?

We would love for sports fans and coaches across the nation to get to know Gridiron Moe, and what unique experiences it presents. Our goals include having the first Gridiron Moe game night at our local bar for Monday or Thursday Night Football.

Our goals include seeing competition on the Leaderboard, which updates automatically on the Gridiron Moe website.

Another goal is to see families get together, play and share how fun it is to experience Gridiron Moe. Our goal is to see the first Season Winner post amazing pre- and post-Super Bowl analysis. Who knows, this could launch them into a career as a sports announcer!

We also want to have the first professional coaching staff use Gridiron Moe right there on the sideline, as a new and unique input into their decisions.

Where would you like Gridiron Moe to improve?

We listen very carefully to what the Gridiron Moe fans are telling us, and we will do our best to improve Gridiron Moe based on the great feedback from our fans. We want to always get better.

Gridiron Moe is patent-pending, and we have big plans for future developments in multiple areas that we can’t wait to share with you when they are ready.

I want you to turn into a salesman for Gridiron Moe and sell me on using Gridiron Moe.

It is Thursday night and you are watching your division rivals go against a team you don’t care about. However, if they beat your rivals, they are doing your team a big favor in the standings. So, you do care. It is intense and you are into it. So are your friends; you are tweeting together constantly. So is your family; they know this is important.

You fire up Gridiron Moe.

It is just before half-time, and the score is 10-10. Your rivals are on defense, and it is 2nd and 6. The opponents’ offense has had little luck with their running game. But they keep on doing it. You call for a shotgun formation this time. You vote your play into Gridiron Moe. The play rolls; they ran again from the pistol, and got thumped! You check your play vote, and 70% of the crowd agreed with you! If only the coaches could hear!

You just got a lot of points in Gridiron Moe, because you guessed right what most folks wanted to see happen, and that’s not easy! You moved past Frank and Susan at the office in the standings, and you made sure you tweeted them your updated score, right there from your phone. Bragging rights.

Your family is getting into it, now. They are calling their own plays, reading and learning about them from right inside Gridiron Moe, so that you don’t have to explain everything. You get the family contest going, and whoever gets the most points by the end of the night gets dibs on choosing movie to watch on Saturday. Life is awesome.

P.S.: So, who won the game? Your rivals did, again. Darn it. But you got 350 points tonight, and your wife got 410, so she gets to pick the movie. That’s OK. At the office, you beat the heck out of Frank and Susan, who got a pathetic 75 and 40 points respectively. And they are fantasy experts. Frank has to buy the morning coffees. And hear all about it – until Sunday’s game. How many points will you get then?

When will Gridiron Moe be available?

Gridiron Moe will launch as an iOS app initially, and, all going well, will be available on the Apple App Store by September 27th, 2014, or sooner.

Visit Gridiron Moe on the web:,, and

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