Good and Bad of NBA Coaches, Hypocritical Roger Goodell: JGST 5/21

By / May 22, 2014 / podcast

Tune in to the latest edition of JG Sports Talk with host Amiri Tulloch!

On today’s show, Amiri definitely breaks down why Oklahoma City Thunder head coach Scott Brooks has had a postseason worthy of a job loss.

Next up is former Pittsburgh Steelers defensive back Ryan Clark calling Roger Goodell a hypocrite, and Amiri offers his thoughts on Clark’s statement.

Then, it’s on to the the NHL playoffs. Amiri reveals what’s keeping the Chicago Blackhawks from being a dynasty, and gives the New York Rangers biggest concern in their series against the Montreal Canadiens.

Amiri also explains his stance on Michael Jordan saying that Kobe Bryant would not be where the Laker star is without watching and using MJ’s moves. Amiri also refutes the notion that the NBA Draft Lottery is rigged.

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Amiri Tulloch

Amiri is the 15-year-old host, producer, and founder of JG Sports Talk. Amiri created JG Sports Talk in 2011, at 11-years-old, and has continued to broadcast ever since. Follow Amiri on Twitter: @AmiriTulloch, and email him at

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