Biggest Key for Pacers, Kings are Cup Favorites: JGST Live 5/28

By / May 29, 2014 / podcast

It’s the latest edition of JG Sports Talk with your host Amiri Tulloch!

On today’s show, Amiri starts with the Miami Heat-Indiana Pacers series, explaining why Roy Hibbert will be the biggest factor for Indiana success in their attempt to stay competitive against the defending champions.

Next, Amiri goes through the NHL Conference Final series, including his reasoning behind saying that Montreal shouldn’t be counted out of their series against the New York Rangers. Plus, should the LA Kings be considered Stanley Cup favorites? Amiri thinks so.

Then, heading back to basketball, Amiri reviews the Spurs’ Game 4 defeat, including what the team needs to do to bounce back for the remainder of the season.

Then, on the JG Sports Talk Newswire segment, Amiri goes through Sean Lee’s ACL injury, Paul George’s quotes about officiating in Game 4 against the Heat, and Johnny Manziel’s Las Vegas trip.

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