letter from myself

my name is Amiri Tulloch and I’m the creator of JG Sports Talk.

i made JGST in my bedroom as an 11-year-old in December of 2011 so I could broadcast my sports opinions. and now, as a 16-year-old in March of 2016, I am (bittersweetly) announcing that JG Sports Talk will no longer be active from this day on.

JG Sports Talk will always be a cherished place for me. JGST let me find and develop my passion in journalism. JGST was the terrain for a lot of my first journalistic experiments. and I poured hours into JGST. Obviously, closing JG Sports Talk wasn’t a simple choice.

however, I ended JG Sports Talk because I have a new project on my hands: another multimedia platform for me to use as a creative outlet.

this new platform, called “Royal State of Mind,” is not a replica of JG Sports Talk. RSOM, instead, is a project with a completely different objective than JG Sports Talk’s. i used JGST to share just my sports takes. on the contrary, I will use RSOM to share all forms of my personal creative expression.

in other words, RSOM will not be sports-exclusive like JG Sports Talk was. with Royal State of Mind, as a way to better paint a complete picture of myself, sports conversations will be joined by other topics I take interest in — from climate change to black history. this broadening of topic choice gives me personal freedom to share my creative takes about anything on my mind. that wide possibility is something I’m excited about maximizing with Royal State of Mind.

to bring it back to JG Sports Talk, though, I would like to conclude with a few statements:

i owe you (the audience) a giant thank you for supporting my work over the years. thank you for taking the time out of your days to listen to and read what I had to say about sports. for those that followed me on social media, thank you for your constant engagement (and continue doing that throughout RSOM’s tenure!). the positive response I received with JGST meant a lot to me in the moment and remains impactful to me to this day. thank you!

see you at RSOM.
– Amiri Tulloch

(also, i’m not taking JGST down from the internet. this site will still exist, so you can always visit old pieces on here. new content just won’t be added)

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